Major event

  • 1782

    The beginning of creation

    Established in 1782, When Emperor Qianlong ruled the Qing Dynasty.

  • 1796

    Jiaqing rebuilt in the first year

    Rebuilt in 1796, The First year of Emperor Jiaqing ruling of Qing Dynasty.

  • 1985

    Announcement designated as a three-level monument

    Announced and designated on August 19, 1985 by ministry of the interior, Taiwan as a third-class historic site.

  • 2002

    Construction of the Bell and Drum Tower and the protection room

    For the purpose of re-exhibiting flourishing scene of Zhongzheng old street, on March 19, 2002, started to build a bell-drum tower, on April 24, 2004. the temple completed and opened for worship.