Pilgrim service

Pray for the light

  1. Fu Lu Shou Light:Tim Fu Zeng Shou, good luck and good luck (individual or family: 盏 / 6,600 yuan) (limited quantity, please register early)
  2. Bright light:Healthy and healthy family (personal or family: 盏 / 500 yuan)
  3. Wenchang Light:Gold list title, step by step high [person: 盏 / 500 yuan]
  4. Fortuna lamp:Caiyuan Guangjin, Hongtu Exhibition (individual: 盏 / 500 yuan)
  5. Old moonlight:Marriage, family and music [person: 盏 / 500 yuan]

An Taisui

Too old to sit down, no fear of disaster (person: year / 500 yuan)

Protecting peace, everything, Dji

Disaster Mitigation: blessing and disaster relief, everything is smooth (individual or family: year / 300 yuan)